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About The Hostel Boathouse

Hostel Boathouse in Prague is certainly an intriguing place to stay thanks to the name alone. However, the hostel itself is actually located right on the banks of the River Vltava. This does mean that it’s not in the heart of the city, but getting right into the middle of Prague is only going to involve a 20 minute journey on the tram, so it’s not that difficult to get there.

There are various rooms available at the hostel and each one is very well equipped and all of the basics are certainly covered. The beds are not too crammed into the room, so there is a real feeling of having some space and not simply being on top of one another. The beds are comfortable, the rooms are clean, and you will always get fresh linen. There may be a shared bathroom, but even that is well looked after, so it’s not going to be too much of an issue.

For the facilities, Hostel Boathouse does provide more than enough things to help make your stay there even better. They not only have BBQ facilities outdoors, but also a terrace allowing you to relax outside when the weather is good enough and take in the sights around you. Also, they have a number of different sporting activities including waterskiing, hiking, and cycling and there is also a golf course nearby for those individuals that would love to play a round.

The hostel also has its very own restaurant on site and there is free parking and Wi-Fi for all of the guests. However, it should be noted that no pets are allowed at this hostel, so if that is going to be an issue for you then you need to look elsewhere.

The staff that work at this hostel are very friendly and keep on top of the running of the place without there being too much fuss. They are also very good at arranging the activities to keep the guests entertained and giving them something to do, and you feel safe at them being in control. However, they can also point you in the direction of things to do in Prague itself, so don’t forget to go exploring the city when you are in the area. Overall, the Hostel Boathouse is undoubtedly a fun place to stay. It’s right on the river allowing you to partake in water sports and there is a super friendly atmosphere at the hostel.